Unknown Content in Firefox

Tim Harshbarger

I have a coworker who needs to be able to use NVDA and Firefox—we use it as part of our accessibility testing. Everyone else seems to be able to use NVDA 2017.3 (or 2017.4) with Firefox 57 with no problems.
However, every time he tries to use NVDA 2017.4 with Firefox 57, NVDA says the content of the page is “unknown”. He says it works ok in Chrome and IE 11. He was also having the problem with NVDA 2017.3.
So far, we have tried de-installing NVDA and re-installing it as well as de-installing Firefox and re-installing it. Neither action fixed the problem.
Has anyone else run into this problem and been able to resolve it?  If not, does anyone have any suggestions for what we might try next?

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