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John Isige

Thanks! Does it do reminders too? That is, if I set an event for next Friday, will it make a sound or pop something up or whatever to remind me that I have something coming up? Or will I just have to open it and check every day?

On 1/11/2018 23:52, David Moore wrote:


The Calendar app is very accessible that is built into windows 10.

Just open it, and press Alt+F4 to get into month view, and you can arrow left and right to forward or backward by one day, and up and down arrow to go back a week or ahead a week.

You can just enter on the day, and type your event in there, and press enter.

When you arrow to a day, it will tell you how many events there are for that day. Just start tabbing to each event, and you can press enter to open that event!

It is accessible with all screen readers.

Have a great one,

David Moore

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Anybody got anything on this? I swear I saw a post about it, unless I'm

confusing it with mail, a while back. At the time I didn't need a

calendar/reminder program, and now I do. I figure if Windows has got

something built in, I may as well try that first.

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