The length of a stop

Giles Turnbull

Hi all,

NVDA obviously pauses for commas and full stops (periods) but does anybody have any ideas about how to increase the length of the pause?

I ask because I use NVDA for performing my poetry (I have a rubbish memory so alternate poems I've memorised with ones I use NVDA to perform). 99 percent of the time the regular pauses for comma and full stop are fine, but there are a couple of poems where it'd be great if I could get a double length pause for a full stop, or the combined pause of a full stop followed by a comma.

If I try using such combinations there is no change to the pause and, unless I set punctuation level to none, a line like "This is a test. . To see what happens" actually says “This a test dot To see what happens”. With punctuation level set to none it doesn't say the “dot” but it doesn't pause any longer either.

Just thought I'd ask in case anybody has any ideas for how I could add any extra pausing into the rendition of a line of text using NVDA :)


(Win10 and NVDA 17.4)

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