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Other forms of punctuation won't work.  I've experimented before and nothing is longer than one period.  I don't know if there is any way to do what you want but that isn't one.
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Try other forms of punctuation. Colon, ellipses, i.e. three periods/dots
in a row separated by spaces ... like this ... You probably want: 
punctuation set to none ... if you're reading : : : poetry anyway.
Played around with some different punctuation there for you to check
out. And yes, it will probably vary by synthesizer as well.

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> This sounds like a Question for the Synth maker to answer to me.
> I really do not know which software decides on the pauses, and whether
> there is any way on some to insert silent spaces so to speak.
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> Hi all,
> NVDA obviously pauses for commas and full stops (periods) but does
> anybody have any ideas about how to increase the length of the pause?
> I ask because I use NVDA for performing my poetry (I have a rubbish
> memory so alternate poems I've memorised with ones I use NVDA to
> perform). 99 percent of the time the regular pauses for comma and full
> stop are fine, but there are a couple of poems where it'd be great if
> I could get a double length pause for a full stop, or the combined
> pause of a full stop followed by a comma.
> If I try using such combinations there is no change to the pause and,
> unless I set punctuation level to none, a line like "This is a test. .
> To see what happens" actually says “This a test dot To see what
> happens”. With punctuation level set to none it doesn't say the “dot”
> but it doesn't pause any longer either.
> Just thought I'd ask in case anybody has any ideas for how I could add
> any extra pausing into the rendition of a line of text using NVDA :)
> Thanks,
> Giles
> (Win10 and NVDA 17.4)

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