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we used Notes until Oct 2017 in our Company. Its accessibility with NVDA is quite bad. You can read the Folder Structure and the mail headers, but not the content of the mail. I use to go into the mail, copy the whole content and paste it into an empty editor window. To answer the mail i wrote my answer into the editor menu and paste it back into Lotus, not a comfortable way, but it worked. The context menues and the normal menues works quite okay as far as I remember. Other parts of the programm like the calendar doesn't work at all with NVDA.

THTH Domingos

Am 13.01.2018 um 21:22 schrieb Iván Novegil:

Some days ago an Spanish user asked about the NVDA support for Lotus Notes, a mail client by IBM that she uses for her work.
She's said that when she opens Lotus Notes, NVDA doesn’t report anything.
Have anyone used Lotus Notes with NVDA? Any tip or tutorial to give this user? None of us have never used this program because it’s very old, in fact we thought that only a few companies would continue using Lotus Notes, because, for example, there are new cheaper (and some of them open source) solutions.

Thanks in advance.
Iván Novegil Cancelas

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