nvda is silence when use a few hours


hi all:

  A few days ago I went to a workplace to deal with a visually impaired staff on nvda problems.
  This is the case, he usually use vocalizer as a speech synthesizer, after the computer is used for a period of time,
May be a few hours, or resume from protection mode to work for an hour or two, nvda can not read aloud, the operation is normal, but in this case,
He can not load any speech synthesizer, including espeak ng.
  Even if you restart nvda can not solve this problem until you restart your computer.
Because of his work in the bank, which is very stringent security, including no external network, nor can any file out of the company,
So I can not get nvda.log slowly study or paste it for your reference.
  Check the status of the nvda.log in the field, some of nvwave shows some errors, such as 88 lines and so on.
  I think this situation happens once or twice a day. I do not know whether these experts have any opinions or opinions on this situation.
  His nvda version is 2017.3 operating system is win7 32 bit.
  I would have liked him first to work with another synthesizer to see if this would still be the case, but he told me he was used to the sound of this speech synthesizer.
  Thank you for your advice


thank you for much
Logo Kuo from Taiwan

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