Re: New custom NVDA Add-on. Who ask to?

Daniele Casarola

Thank you very much Joseph for your reply.

I know the option, “Handle keys from other applications”. I've experimented with it a bit. Both checked or unchecked it doesn't solve the issue.

If I leave it unchecked, once pressed the "delete" button, no audio feedback.
If I leave it checked, once pressed the "delete" button, NVDA reads just one letter of the deleted syllable.

Anyway, I have to leave it unchecked, otherwise I encounter other problems, the main one is that typing punctuation stops the voice. While I need that punctuation doesn't stop the voice and also it isn't red. I can obtein this only if I leave that option unchecked.

I'll contact the steno application developers and ask if they can contact you.

Do you confirm "info@..." is the right email?
I don't have your contact, under your profile detail I cannot find.

Thank you.

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