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Using the OCR addon, you need to use the review cursor to read the recognised text.  I gave a quick tutorial in our In-Process newsletter last year:

Here are the steps from that article (note that the first one assumes you are doing it while reading the article, and I had included a test image with text in it after these steps):

Using the OCR Add-on

1. Press g to move to the next graphic. NVDA identifies it as “Test image for OCR graphic”.
2. Press NVDA+r. NVDA reports “Recognising”. After a pause, NVDA reports “Done”.
3. Although visually, the screen hasn’t changed, NVDA has placed the text recognised in the image in a “virtual document”. You can navigate around this using the review cursor. Press numpad plus (laptop: NVDA+shift+a) to read the whole document from the current point.
4. Press shift+numpad 7 (laptop: NVDA+control+home) to move to the top of the virtual document.
5. Press numpad 9 (laptop: NVDA+down arrow) to move through and read the text line by line.

On Fri, Dec 22, 2017 at 1:45 AM, 特種兵 <afreettears@...> wrote:

hi all,

  installed ocr_0.20120529.01.nvda-addon on my nvda master 14729
  my os is win 7
  when I press nvda + r on a picture and nvda announce ocr is down
  but I can not see any ocr result
  I don't have any dialog on win 7 like win 10
  how can I see the result when I press nvda + r


thank you for much
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