Re: Microsoft Word 2016 spell checker and NVDA reading.


For some reason my feed does not always give things in sequential order. And, yesterday was a government holiday so I’m playing catch-up by reading from newest to oldest. My appologies in advance if this issue has been dealt with.


I have Office 2016 on Windows 7, but not NVDA yet, so I can’t check this for you. (As said in other threads, gaining NVDA is progressing.) Anyway, I just wanted to make some suggestions on solving this bug based on my experiences with Word files (since the 1980’s) and subtle ways they can go bad. These are old ideas, and they seem stupid, but I find they still work.


1)      Make sure the problem occurs in multiple files. Any single file can go corrupt and create weird problems.

2)      Create a file from a blank page, not a template or older document. Write (not copy) about three dummy sentences into it.

a.       Sample: This is a test of MS Word 2016. It is a stupid test, but necessary. I like lollipops.

b.       Then try to recreate the problem. If it doesn’t happen, the issue may be somewhere in the templates you are using or in the files you are using. For example, Word may be converting older version documents and having issues, or your favorite template got corrupted and needs to be reloaded. You would then approach debugging differently.

3)      Clarify which operating system you are running, just as Quinton did, because he can’t reproduce if he’s running a different one.


Sometimes, corrupted Primary software, like Word, can create weird problems in secondary software, like NVDA. I see this happen with other software. Making sure it isn’t Word is just part of helping others help you.


Good Luck,




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Hi Daniele,


Sorry for the delay.  I wanted to ask whether this issue is still occurring?  Using Windows 10 Insider build 17074 and the current stable version of Office 2016 with NVDA 2017.4, I can't reproduce the issue, but there are quite a few variables.


Since you didn't get any other replies, I wonder if there are contributing factors specific to your computer rather than a more common issue.  One thing I wondered was whether you had installed any software recently?  Particularly software which might add things into Word.  For instance, there are a few third party spelling / grammar programs available which do this and which potentially might affect the behaviour of Word's spell check.


Now I have noticed that spell check has changed slightly recently, although from what I've found it seems to work a bit better now rather than the reverse, at least for me.






On Tue, Dec 19, 2017 at 4:55 PM, Daniele Casarola <casaroladaniele@...> wrote:

Hi! I'm Daniele from Italy.
Since few weeks ago, when I pressed F7 on my Word 2016, this is what happened:
- The wrong word is highlighted.
- NVDA reads the wrong word and also reads it letter by letter

Then I simply press TAB to choose what to do: to ignore, to add to the dictionary or press ESC and correct by hand. This is the case of orthographic error.
In case of a grammar error, once pressed F7, something similar happened:
- The whole sentence is highlighted.
- NVDA reads the wrong word
- Again reads it also letter by letter
- Also reads all the sentence which contains the wrong word.
- Then I simply press TAB to choose what to do.

The workflow I've described above, doesn't happen any more. I don't know why.
Now, once pressed F7, NVDA doesn't read automatically all the useful informations it reads before.

Now once pressed F7 this is what happens:
- the wrong word is highlighted.
- NVDA reades "Ignore this time", which is the first selected option on the SpellChecker window.

That's all.

Also the SpellChecker window interface is a little bit different than before. Not to much but a little bit.
Can you help me to understand if I've accidently changed some options? Or maybe some updates?

The previous way was really comfortable.
Thank you very much.




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