Re: New custom NVDA Add-on. Who ask to?

Daniele Casarola

Sorry Joseph Lee, I don't have your contact, I can't ask to add you CC. Can you leave it here? Thanks.

Thank you Didier Colle for your question.

This is the answer of one of the Plover developer:

"When undoing a translation, a series of backspace events are sent. Really, just like a user would do when deleting some previously typed text; doesn't this use case work with NVDA?"

So, it seems to be as you supposed.

About your second question.
As I wrote above, to have audio feedback when I press the "delete" button, the option  “Handle keys from other applications” should be on.
NVDA reads only one letter of the group of letters I delete, it seems to be only the first or the second letter.

For example I type "telefono" using 3 strokes: te, le, fono.
To delete the word I should press the "delete" button 3 times of cours. The first time I hear the letter "f", the second time "l" and the third the letter "t".

In this case it reads the first letter of each group of stroke. But sometimes it reads the second. Honestrly I don't understand the logic, it seems randomly.
Maybe it depends what I've typed before, if strokes with even or odd number of letters, maybe...
Anyway always reads the first or the second letter of the group.

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