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Again, I don’t have the software and am in the process of getting it approved for my computer. In order to share the shortcut key list with my entire department, I will need to be pointed to where the list is maintained outside the software or I will need someone to send me a copy. Please remember, the goal of the list is to get sighted people who don’t have NVDA to not use your keyboard shortcuts for their own software, thus reserving those keystrokes for NVDA users.







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Yes: provided that you’ve got NVDA installed, click NVDA icon on the notification area, go to Help, then Commands Quick Reference.




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I was reviewing accessibility standards and came across this.



[We] must not develop or implement IT solutions or services in a way that disrupts or disables assistive technology or a platform software’s accessibility features and keyboard shortcuts. End Quote.


Is there a list of NVDA keyboard shortcuts? I need to make sure we have copy of the list so we don’t re-assign them within our software. If anyone can point me to the same list for JAWS, that would be a bonus!







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