Re: Factory Reset

Sarah k Alawami

In my case I don't think that would work. I have to  hold down f7 to bring up the list of tasks for  my custom computer. I think I did not get narrator to start and I had to have aira guide me through the install. That's fine,

On Jan 16, 2018, at 1:00 PM, Gene New Zealand <hurrikennyandopo@...> wrote:


a couple of ways to start narrator

One is through the earch box type narrator then press the enter key

Older versions of windows is the windows key + enter key

The latest version of windows is the ctrl key + windows key + the enter key on windows 10 version 1709

Gene nz

On 1/16/2018 8:03 PM, Stephen Costigan wrote:
Hi John,

Thank you, my issue is because of updates as well.

To launch narrator is it Ctrl Windows key and enter.



On 16/01/2018 06:20, John Isige wrote:
You can launch narrator, but you might need a USB audio device. It goes
to mine, though I have multiple audio devices, so maybe if I pulled it,
the internal sound card would work instead. Use Narrator to set up, then
when you're booted, launch your portable copy of NVDA and then tell it
to install and check the box about using portable settings on your
installed copy. Be sure to tell it to keep all the addons and such when
you generate your portable copy. I had to reset twice within a week
because of a dumb Windows update thing, and that's what I did. Hope that

On 1/15/2018 17:39, Stephen Costigan wrote:

I need to do a factory reset on my Laptop, if i create a portable copy
of NVDA can i launch it  to help me through the initial setup screens or
can Microsoft narrator be launch.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.



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