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But the problem here is that when you are in the proper part of the Window and have opened a page, you have to tab once at times to be able to move in and read the page.  I haven't paid much attention to this.  In my case, using firefox, it is a problem that occurs off and on but that doesn't occur nearly every time I load a page.  I believe I've seen the same problem when using Google, though I don't use google much. 
I haven't tested to see if the problem exists in other screen-readers.

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I generally use ctrl + F6 keystroke to focus on webpage contents after
typing in an address, etc. - think this works in both IE11 and firefox.

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On 2016-05-01 9:08 PM, Nevzat Adil wrote:
> Hello all,
> I encounter an issue when trying to get on to the Internet which I am
> not sure whether it is n NVDA issue or something else.
> For instance, when I try to get to my home page, google, the page does
> not seem to load and read by NVDA unless I press tab. It is only then
> that NVDA begins reading the page. The same issue occurs when trying
> to get onto other pages, as well.
> My operating system is Windows 10 64 bit. NVDA is the most recent.
> I would appreciate your comments.
> Nevzat

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