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You don't need to transfer them to the mail app if it's set using imap. In this case gmail does all the work behind the scenes and your mail program knows nothing about this.

I'm with brian, i couldn't function on mailing lists without filters, however, this is not a good reason to use out of date mail software, current mail software is actually more efficient in my oppinion at handling this.

I personally run zimbra 8.8 released late last year and still in active development as my mail server. The client is thunderbird.

Works like a charm and also filters mail for every device connected to the account, my phone, and computer currently.


On 1/17/2018 3:20 AM, David Moore wrote:

The mail app is not good with making filters, I just have my lists split up into four email accounts. I check them regularly. Unfortunately, if you are use to having rules or filters, that does not exist in the mail app.

I know you can create filters on the web sites themselves, like,, but I am not sure how to transfer those filters to the Mail app!

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Well if eudora hadn't well gone south I'd be still using it with supernova.


Thunderbird is fine though it appears mozilla keep it maintained mainly.





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> I could not function without filters, another reason for me still

> using what has been described as prehistoric software for email and

> usenet.

> Brian

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>> Just curious how flexible is the Mail app in handling filtered

>> messages into specific folders? I wanted to know what is the basic

>> command to do it. I appreciate your advice. Thanks in advance.


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