Re: Blog post on Firefox 58.

Antony Stone

Given that Marco Zehe, the author of that article, is part of the Firefox
accessibility team:

I'd start by contacting him directly: marco.zehe at gmail dot com

I've written it just the same way as he does on his website, so his linkable
email address doesn't appear in archives of this list.


On Wednesday 17 January 2018 at 15:38:29, Gene wrote:

Is there a way to contact the Firefox accessibility team? Unless the
notify me when a page tries to redirect or refresh feature was
reintroduced in version 58, that is a serious question that should be
addressed and that those concerned should write to the accessibility team
about. This wasn't mentioned in the blog entry about improvements in
Firefox 58.

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The below is a blog post explaining FF 58. It works better.
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