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Shhhh. Don’t make me laugh so much. I’ll disturb the quiet of the cubicles.


I got Gene’s list, though I haven’t had time to look at it yet. If you are offering to maintain a webpage, then I think the categories you would want to put in it are:

·         Sacrosanct – Do not re-asign these keys because they serve critical functions.

·         Supportive – Do not re-asign these keys if you want to be supportive of our users.

·         Experimental – These keys are in use in experimental versions of our software.

And, in each case, list the key combination paired with the function that it does (a brief description or/and name) so the sighted user can understand why that combination is important.


Visual users like tables, so you could put the key combination in the first cell of each row and the usage in the second cell of each row. Visual users also like color. Using black text and complying with 508 and WCAG AAA and contrast, you could have these:

·         Sacrosanct could have a pink/red color background of (255, 170, 200) in RGB or use hexidecimal FFAAC8 to convey critical.

·         Supportive could have a pale yellow background of (250, 250, 150) in RGB or use hexidecimal FFFF96 to convey pay-attention.

·         Experimental could have a pale blue background of (135, 225, 255) in RGB or use hexidecimal 87E1FF to convey neutral.

Cell borders aren’t necessary, but if you want them then basic black of 1-3 pixels is nice. For a more powerful effect visually, borders could be done to coordinate with the categories:

·         Sacrosanct: 4 pixels, 3-D effect, RGB (95, 65, 0) Hex 710000, a darker red

·         Supportive: 2 pixels, RGB (113, 0, 0) Hex 5F4100, a darker brown

·         Experimental: 2 pixels, RGB (0, 0, 115) Hex 000073, a darker blue

·         Overall page background of white makes the whole color pallete WCAG AAA/contrast compliant


If you don’t want to do tables, a glossary format would work just as well. Just apply a type style to the key combination so that it stands out from the definition. This allows sighted users to make a visual search if they are checking for a specific key combo. Obviously, they wouldn’t want to use Control-Alt-Delete, but if they did then you would want to make it easy for them to visually scan the page to see if that combination is already in use.  Let me know if you need any help or feedback. And, of course, feel free to ignore any or all of my suggestions.


Thank you for helping me get the support NVDA should receive,




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I’ll take care of that. Which edition do you need: latest release, latest public beta, latest alpha, or latest really unstable build? I can do one of these because I have all of them on my computer. It’s a matter of choosing which one you need and uploading to my website.




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I realized that I can't send you the most current list.  I don't have a computer set up to be able to run the latest NVDA.  I have a Windows 7 machine that I almost never use online and I've never updated it to Service Pack 1.  My other machines are XP.  So I can send you one that isn't too old but I hope someone will send a newer page.  But this should have most of the keys used in the current edition. 


I'll be sending the page in the next ten or fifteen minutes, unless there is some unexpected problem.





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