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Rosemarie Chavarria

Hi, Lino,


I don't need special sounds to tell me when a web site has finished loading. Brian, listen for the word "busy" when a page has finished loading. Why do we have to have special sounds for that?




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Brian you just can’t let go ae? I don’t need extra sounds for this that and the other. Be a good bloak and contact Marko Z or James The if you really want this. Advocating on here won’t do you any good unless you do it yourself. This is the message I preach to other blind folks here in the US. No matter where you live its best you do it yourself.


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I am going to sound like a broken bit of 78 record here, and I do apologise.

Please could we have some optional sounds with Firefox so we can hear when

downloads are complete, when clicking something actually worked and when the

page is fully loaded again.


I grew up with ie and only went to firefox when navigational sounds was

released, since certain ahem, other browsers in later windows decided to not

go to sounds.

There has been a polarisation of views on this list, but I do seriously

feel, from the people who do not use this list and are only interested in

using their computers and are not expert users, I need to act as an advocate

and say that having no sound is very very off-putting to such users.

Thank you and have a safe trip home...

last one out turns off the lights




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> The below is a blog post explaining FF 58. It works better.








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