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I will look into it. As for Gene’s list, it is from dot one, but I am still grateful for it.






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Gene might be running an old version of NVDA. I’ll upload the actual commands quick reference for 2017.4 (latest release).

For web browsing, the section you might be interested in is browse mode section.

But here’s something more important than key commands: there is a big problem (actually, two). Screen readers use a key on the keyboard as their modifier. Typically it is insert key, but NVDA and others can use caps lock key. Thus, the command sets you were used to when browsing the web (such as alt+shift+letter or similar ones) isn’t applicable to screen reader users in a sense that there will be no major conflicts. But the other problem is that screen readers assign letters and symbols for element navigation on websites and web applications, so that will conflict. But there is a way out: screen reader users must be told to disable element navigation commands (in NVDA, that’ll be single letter navigation on/off (NVDA+Shioft+Space)).

How NVDA can navigate through various elements via letters and symbols is a bit hard to explain, but suffice to say that it has to do with how NVDA represents webpages, or more recently, what web browsers tell screen readers to do when navigating websites. If you want, I’d be happy to either write or record a lecture on a concept called “virtual buffers”, which is essentially what browse mode really is (or used to be until recently); if you want an accessible introduction to browse mode, web apps and screen readers and related concepts, I suggest taking a look at various tutorials out there, including mine.

Lastly, while writing the above reply, I realized that we might be running into a bigger problem: lack of real user data and expert testimony. I realize that without expert guidance, you can get stuck, and without real-life user data, you may find yourself asking a way out (trust me, I’ve been through this before when writing features for some NVDA add-ons). I’d like to kindly suggest that you let NV Access help you as a consultant, provided that your organizational protocol allows this (getting help from a foreign charity). If consulting a foreign charity won’t work, then please let someone from your department give you permission to contact me and other NVDA experts in United States (a list of certified NVDA Experts can be found at I suggest this next step, as it might be preferable to let an actual user or an expert guide you and your organization through live training and/or consulting work; using documentation is helpful at time,s but I think, at other times (such as this), gathering user data in a more live setting would benefit all parties.

Hope this helps. In the meantime, I’ll upload the commands quick reference for 2017.4 later today.





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