Re: Reading messages in action center, settings, and so on.

John Isige


Your tutorials were awesome, I'm talking about the 2015 ones, and I just
haven't gotten round to checking out the new ones yet. I might wait
until the whole zip goes up because then I can just replace the whole
set. But yeah, I've been meaning to check them out. Good to know those
are universal apps, it's hard to tell sometimes.

On 1/18/2018 16:33, Joseph Lee wrote:

Hi John and others,

I normally don’t write the following, but this time…

I highly recommend listening to my tutorial set. If you listen to
object navigation and popular apps sections, you’ll get the answer you
need for navigating universal apps.



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so on.

I don't know but you might have saved a lot of time by using screen
review or object navigation to skim the screen.

As far as messages in the actual center, I don't know about Windows
10.  My recollection about Windows 7 is that you can't read messages
either at all or well enough to be useful.


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Hi all. Is there a way to read messages in things like action center and
setup in Windows 10? I have Windows App Essentials, latest stable
installed. Let me describe what I'm talking about, because I think that
will help.

Today I saw in the system tray that "actions are needed". So I opened it
up. It opened up Windows Defender. Windows Defender said I needed to
check for updates. But the only way I found that out was by using NVDA-b
to read the entire screen, so I had to listen to a lot of extra stuff
first. Is there a quicker way to find and read those kinds of messages?

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