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To answer the original question, yes this is common enough - one difference between the snapshot builds (next and master) and the stable releases, is that in the snapshot builds, the error sound is played whenever any error is encountered.  Sometimes these may not actually affect the use of the program in question (such as this one when you move to a Chrome window).  The recommendation is that the error sound can be a useful indicator of when something goes wrong, but the real question is whether usage is impacted.  If something is going wrong from a user's perspective (ie, something you would notice even if that sound wasn't played) then it should be reported and investigated.

There was an issue created awhile ago around the ability to toggle whether the error sound is played and you can read that conversation here:

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They would need to know which version of Chrome it is and of course set the log to debug and grab a copy of the offending bit and post it, not all of it, not here at any rate!

Also what other add ons are in play and is the hardware pretty standard  or is there something specific that might otherwise be the issue. Also of course the version of Windows 10 on the machine.

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Running the latest next snapshot of NVDA on a Win 10 system.  Every time I open a web site using Chrome I get the NVDA error sound.  Is this normal?

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