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Quentin Christensen

As others have indicated, if you mean you press say the right arrow to move one cell to the right, down arrow to move once cell down, then yes, they should work exactly as with any other screen reader (or none).  If the current cell is in edit mode then the arrows move around the text in that cell rather than changing cells, but again, that is standard behaviour that you would likely have encountered before.

One difference could be if you are used to using the number pad, with numlock off, as the navigation keys?  NVDA uses the number pad to move the review cursor.  By default, this applies even if you have NVDA set to laptop keyboard layout.

You can change this behaviour using the input gestures dialog in NVDA's preferences menu (or I can send you a custom gestures file).

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On Thu, Jan 18, 2018 at 11:59 AM, Don <> wrote:
I am a new NVDA user. I am wanting to use NVDA with Excell. A key combination I often use is (end) arrow. This moves the focus from the current cell to the next cell with content moving in the direction of the arrow pressed. This does not work with NVDA. Is there a way to maike this a part of NVDA?

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