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The easiest way to do so and to make the setting permanent is the following:
I assume you are using the desktop layout.
issue the command NVDA key, either insert by default and, while holding it, press the number 2 on the main keyboard.  This toggles between off and on for characters.  Characters are on by default.  Do the same but this time use the number 3 on the main keyboard.  In other words, NVDA key 3.  Repeating the command toggles between off and on.  When they are both on, to make the setting permanentt, you can use the command NVDA key c.  However, NVDA is set to automatically permanently save settings on exit so you may want to skip that step and just have it done when you close the program or shut down the computer with NVDA running.

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Is this possible to do in NVDA using the latest


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