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Hmm, the Firefox esr is supported after all, but IE is not as far as I can tell.
As for over relience, well, that depends on your experience of what is reliable and everyone probably has their own anecdote about this.
Just take a look at my experiences with problems with nvda and browsers no matter what computer I'm using. its all probably due to something as yet unknown, so you find work arounds, in my case its sounds.
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It has nothing to do with superblind people nor with blind people at all, whom you generalize about and disparage by saying that they just offer opinions. I didn't look up such information because I thought there was unlikely to be another such add on. There are lots of blind people who use firefox who don't use sounds and they aren't, nor do they hold themselves out as super blind people.

If you finally looked something up, after this discussion has gone on for a month, fine. I'm glad you found something that may be useful. You can present such information without disparaging others. You can also express an opinion such as, some blind people are too intent on convincing others to do something another way. That isn't disparaging or dismissive.

As to the issue of sounds, my position is that if you use an older version of a browser which has stopped being supported just because of sounds, that is an overreliance on sounds. Sacrificing security for sounds when there are other ways to tell when a page finishes loading and of following downloads is, in my opinion, a bad idea. Things aren't ideal. In deciding whether to hear sounds or have a safer computer, I think choosing sounds is a bad choice. there is nothing superblind about it. If you disagree, fine. You can express your disagreement without being disparaging.

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I did some digging for you! This is why I love blind people so much. Giving opinions rather than answering your question, to the person who is looking for the sound scheme. It's not worth hearing all opinions, much less explain it to a super blindy. :, don't bother with them. They are not worth a reply. Anyway, I did some digging for you and, although, it is not browser focused, it may help. It is a sound scheme for windows that covers the whole operating system, even web browsers. The link is below.

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