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Is there a version of the suggested version for use as a portable app, as this is what I'm using it for.
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Folks need to be on LibreOffice of the 5.3 branch. Or of the 5.4 branch. Earlier 5.3 releases are not fit to use, nor or earlier 5.4 releases--again either or (or later).

LibreOffice devs have been struggling with Microsoft DirectWrite Direct2D font rendering for several release cycles and either the 5.3.7 release (end of life) or current 5.4.4 release should be used--NVDA behaves well with either but the Graphics card rendering mode will impact things.

Most modern Windows systems will use OpenGL by default, and LibreOffice's DirectWrite Direct2D implementation has been a problem--more than just on screen rendering. Basically there were issues with failure to cache the fonts in use in a document causing very slow rendering as you move from cell to cell in a calc spreadsheet or page through a Writer document. The 5.3.7 build is fine without OpenGL, but if using OpenGL (likely for most) move to the 5.4.4 release, or the pending 6.0.0 release. Link below.

Performance is much improved for all users, good scrolling and movement between spreadsheet cells.


Link to the LibreOffice project build archive for the build, 32-bit or 64-bit builds:

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