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Clare Page <>

Hi !

I have used the Windows sound scheme for which a link was posted below for a ong time now, both with Internet Explorer and with Firefox, and I can report from my own experience that this sound scheme only adds browser sounds to Firefox if the Navigational Sounds Firefox add-on is used. Therefore, as I gather that Navigational Sounds doesn’t work with Firefox Quantum, the sound scheme won’t restore sounds in Firefox 57 or later, even though you will get other sounds for the rest of Windows if you use the scheme.

Sorry this doesn’t help people who prefer sounds in their web browsers, but I felt I should point out that the sound scheme mentioned below will not solve the problem of there being no sounds in the newest versions of Firefox and no possibility of installing Navigational Sounds as an add-on for those new versions.

Bye for now!

From Clare


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I did some digging for you! This is why I love blind people so much. Giving opinions rather than answering your question, to the person who is looking for the sound scheme. It's not worth hearing all opinions, much less explain it to a super blindy. :, don't bother with them. They are not worth a reply. Anyway, I did some digging for you and, although, it is not browser focused, it may help. It is a sound scheme for windows that covers the whole operating system, even web browsers. The link is below.

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