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You are my hero of the morning! Thank you Chris! This tells me the CHM skeleton is accessible, even if cumbersom in its accessibility. Now I can go back to the software people and be more firm.


My department of the FAA develops software for different government offices. We, as a developer, have moved away from CHM. But, sometimes we get customers who want that format for their own reasons. While I might have to tell our people that they can’t use a skin to make it pretty, I can at least confirm that we can offer it as an 508-accessible format.


Sorry it took me so long to get back. I was in meetings and will be in meetings almost all of next week. But, better to say this late than not at all: Thank you!




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Hi Tonea

I found a chm file on my machine and opened it.  On entry, I was placed in the Contents list and used arrow keys to traverse it.  When I found a topic I wanted help on I pressed f6.  This moved me to the help topic details.  I used arrow keys to move around the help topic window. From here I switched into screen review mode and located the following gbuttons

Hide Print Options Search Contents Favorites       


I could access these buttons via review cursor then use NVDA +Numpad 8 to  move the mouse pointer , then activated button using numpad 8 to simulate a mouse click.  I also found that alt+o opens a context menu containing the following:

Hide Tabs






Internet Options...



Some of these are probably equivalent to the header items you  could not access.  Alt+s also opened up the search function which was also accessible.





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