Portable version degrading


A few years back, I had a job for three years where people brought me their files on USB thumb drives. These things are horrible in terms of long-life. The really do have to be unmounted prior to removing from the computer or they get corrupted. They physically fall apart easily. And, the hardware inside seems to be more vulnerable to static electricity data loss than other portable drives, certainly more vulnerable than most computers.


I would think that would be the problem.




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I've noticed over the past couple years that my portable install of nvda will sometimes degrade or get a bit corrupted over time all by itself while the installed version is always stable as a rock.  Does anyone know why this is and is there any way to prevent this from happening?  I use the portable copy to test a couple add ons and if the portable version corrupts, it can make it appear that the add on is defective or has a bug while it really doesn't.  Deleting the portable copy and making a new one will clear it up.  I also notice a few functions of nvda either don't work at all or nvda gets very sluggish in responsiveness and this all gets back to normal after a complete flush and remake of the portable version.  As I say, this never has happened at all with my installed copy on the same computer.





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