Re: nvda portable copy

marvin kotler

This is Marv here.  Well, first, running windows 10.  After getting the portable copy up and running, I put it in laptop mode instead of desktop mode.  The button did not show up in the system tray, but the keystrokes started working.  Well, being 63 years of age entitles me to some memory loss, lol.  Thanks for all of the help.  Recently, you wrote;

Sent: Saturday, March 05, 2016 2:39 PM
Subject: [nvda] Re: nvda portable copy

Under Windows 10 one can determine which apps (or programs - these still get called apps from a Win10 standpoint) appear in the notification area (formerly known as the system tray).  Go to Settings -> System -> Notifications & Actions Pane then search for the link "Select which icons appear on the taskbar" and click it.  This will open a dialog that contains a long list of the various programs and apps each of which has what NVDA announces as a "Toggle Button" which is either "pressed" [on] or "not pressed" [off].

What gets tricky is that what's listed for NVDA is NVDA Application, two times since I have an installed and portable version, and I had no way of knowing which was which.  I simply turned one on to see if the NVDA icon remained visible when I was running it and, if it did I knew I had the right one.



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