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I notice that today the latest update to Microsoft Secuity essentials will no longer run on the old AMD Athlon etc, processors. The ones without SSE2 instruction set.
I found the update worked fine on intel chipped machines but just sulks on the amd ones, complaining the service is not running.

I know there are a few people like myself on here who use these old clunkers as file servers on a network etc.
So the question needs to be, and I suspect nobody really knows. is there a basic anti virus product of the free kind that will still work I wonder. I don't really feel like downloading every single one to test it!
Superantispyware works but is as we all know a little flaky on nvda access at times.
Besides it does not say its an anti virus, and in any case its hard enough to find one that will work on a screenreader in the first place.


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