Re: NVDA still freezing, don't know what the deal is

Sharni-Lee Ward


Yes, but you have Windows 10. I have 7.

So I didn't botch the installation or something? That's my biggest fear
right now, that I somehow botched something when I was setting up my
Braille Display.

On 2/05/2016 10:44 AM, Pranav Lal wrote:
Hi Sharni,

I have a similar problem but my log entries are different and my freezing occurs mainly in outlook 2016. Regardless, this is what I do to recover from it without sighted assistance.
1. Hit windows key +l or ctrl+alt+ddel. It depends on whichever key combination works.
2. I get to the login screen.
3. I can then tab to the shutdown button and power off or restart the computer.

OS=Windows 10
NVDA 2016.1

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