Re: fire fox 58 is out

Robert Mendoza

Not sure where you got the version 58 but when I tried it here the version still on 57.0.4. I think you've got was the beta version and unfortunately same problem occurs still in the sounds nvda could not even heard the progress bar though I tested this to the master snapshot here. Well, for now I will stick to Firefox ESR until this got to be fix both end though I filed a bug last Thursday of this problem in the Mozillian space. Not sure if they will noticed or even tested this fully specially for the stand point of screen reader. Sorry but kinda annoying cause seemingly they often neglect and pass this to quality testing.

Robert Mendoza

On 1/21/2018 11:28 AM, mk360 wrote:
I installed it, played with  it some time and reinstalled ESR version. the 58 version works fine on many sites, but if you use sites that changes many content dinamically, Ej. Facebook standard, or sites with large tables Ej. dimeadozen, I can't recomend it. Personally for me the standard version of Facebook turned unusable with Firefox 58.

However, it works better than Firefox 57.



El 21/01/2018 a las 0:02, Bobby Vinton escribió:
Hay I just want to tell you all I am using fire fox 58 full version and it is a lot better than fire fox 57.  Web pages load much faster and all web sites I went to work very well.  Not all add ons are supported yet butt I think you all should give it a try because it is very fast.

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