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David Moore


The default account that comes up in the mail app, is the first account that you import. So, if you want a certain account to be the default account, you will have to import that account into the mail app first. Yes, I have to shift tab a lot as well, to get back to the message list. That is just a mail thing.

David Moore

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From: David Griffith
Sent: Saturday, January 20, 2018 1:30 PM
Subject: Re: [nvda] getting started with mail for windows10


I don’t  know about default accounts but normally when I press escape I return to the message list  directly – but sometimes as you say  you need to shift tab if the focus shifts to the navigation area.

This happens with Jaws as well as NVDA so I think it is a Mail focus issue.

The way to jump to any folder is control Y but I don’t think this will be any quicker..

David Griffith


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From: Daniel Wolak
Sent: 20 January 2018 14:46
Subject: [nvda] getting started with mail for windows10


   Hi all,


I've just gotten started with using mail for windows10, after using

thunderbird for many years. I'm using nvda 2017.4, windows10 64bit and

have a few questions if I may.


1. Is there a way to choose a default account(I have two accounts, and

the one I use the least comes up first when I open mail and I have to

switch manualy to the second)


2. Is there a way after reading a message to get back to the message

list, instead of just using escape and shift+tab?


Thanks for any help with this.











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