Re: NVDA still freezing, don't know what the deal is


Sharni-Lee Ward <sharni-lee.ward@...> wrote:
NVDA completely stops working. It says nothing. The Braille display's
display remains frozen on whatever was last spoken.
There is a way to get around this, but it is kind of a pain. Here is how.
1. Create another user account on your computer and give it admin rights.
2. The problem with the freeze is caused by LibLouis, not your braille display; it would freeze upno matter what display you have.
3. Next time it freezes, press windows+l
4. Press alt+w for switch user
5. Hit right arrow to land on the user you created
6. Press enter and type its password
7. Press control+shift+delete to land in task manager. Do not start NVDA, because it might freeze again.
8. Hit control+tab to land in the processes list
9. Type the letters nv to land on the nvda.exe process. Press alt+e, alt+y to terminate it.
10. Press windows+l, alt+w to return to your previous windows session. Your user should be the first one in the list; press enter on it and type your password.
11. Restart NVDA. if it freezes once more, repeat the previous steps. It will not always freeze. This is a random event.
12. Once NVDA has successfully started, go into The NVDA menu with NVDA+n
13. Go to braille settings by pressing the letters p and r. Select no braille and press enter.
14. Go back into the NVDA menu and press s for save configuration.
15. Return, once more, to the NVDA menu and press p for preferences and then enter on general settings. Untick the box that says "save configuration on exit."
16. Now, when you start NVDA, you will have no braille. You will have to select your Focus 40 manually on each start. NVDA will not usually freeze if you select a display while it is running. It has always been the case--for me, anyway--that it freezes during startup and a braille display is automatically selected.
I hope this helps.

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