Two cautionary tales, beware and a laugh.

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Firstly the latest version of Ccleaner is becoming a pest. it seems to be able to unilaterally decide to install avast anti virus without telling anyone until its too late. Unchecky did not spot it and yesterday, I twice had to take a machine back a day to get rid of it as I'm sure you are all aware how unfriendly the uninstaller is to screenreaders. Its left bits all over the machine, including in some folders labelled Cisco for some reason.
I fell that I need to warn folk about this unacceptable behaviour of ccleaner. It claims, apparently to be easy to remove but not for us.

Secondly the laugh.
Microsoft Security Essentials is something we use in Windows 7, but a person I know was having issues with it crashing, so he sent me a dictated email about it via his Iphone. This wonderful software has renamed this Microsoft program as
Microsoft Security Squirrels.

OK fine, so I had this wonderful picture of the innards of my machine with all These squirrels inside burying viruses all over the place.
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