Welcome to NVDA 2018: complete package for parts 2 and 3 posted


Hi everyone,


The complete package for Welcome to NVDA 2018 parts 2 and 3 are now up. Part 2 talks about basics, including NVDA m,modifier key, keyboard layouts, NVDA menu, basic keyboard and touch commands and more. Part 3 is all about objects, including object properties and hierarchy, object navigation, review cursor, mouse, more touch interaction scenarios and others.


The parts are:



Last minute changes:


  • For those who’ve downloaded segments on NVDA menu and touch interaction, you need to download them again as I removed references to alpha builds.


Note on future parts: the next four parts (parts 4 through 7) will be divided into multiple sections, with part 5 (Popular Apps) split into three files and others into two. There will be last minute changes to parts 4 and 6 in order to correct a critical bug (part 4) and introduce what’s coming in NVDA 2018.1 (part 6).





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