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So not clear what the difference is between the two, but to me it sounds like the dll had become unregistered and now its registered again.
I used to get this issue a lot with dlls belonging to the mp3 decoder used by Goldwave when Winamac was on the system. in the end I had to copy another copy to the right place then register that with the system and it has never complained since. My feeling is that its easy to get multiple entries in the registry or delete ones that have path details needed by a different piece of soft3ware. Brian
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Subject: [nvda] update on dll issue

Hello just for the hell of it I installed jaws 18 along with jaws 2018 and now the nvda doesn't give me the error message

not sure if installing jaws 18 fixed the jaws 2018 dll issue with nvda can any one please confirm this am trying to figure out if I need to send a nvda log with the error that it was giving me

something screwy is conflicting I mean I got the issue fixed for now but I need to see if I am the only one having this issue if not then I think a bug needs to be filed.

if I am the only one running in to this issue what can I do to help track this issue?


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