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regarding the issue where the mouse is set on paragraphs but NVDA read only a line, we have some users in Germany who reported this issue as well. NVDA reads a smaller part of a line, the higher the zoom factor is. But I think this is related to the browser and the way how the browser change formatting when increasing the zoom factor. I don’t think it is related to NVDA.


The second thing about delay when pressing a key command could be related to sound card settings. In some cases, when the battery is not charging, sound cards change to standby. This is the case after 3 or 4 seconds of silence. The sound is being activated again when pressing any key because the screen reader sends a signal to the sound card.


I think however that it is related to power settings. Tel him he should start an audio file and turn the volume to zero in the audio program (i.e. Winamp). Is the delay still occurring?









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Hello, I've received some info from the user:
This happen in web browser, especially in Google Chrome, in web apps such as Moodle or in certain Wordpress themes. Due to this problem, he can't upload files.
He uses Windows 10 Fall Creators Update 64-bit version, , NVDA 2017.4 and the latest version of Chrome.
The content is partially read. For example, if a link is on two rows in a table, NVDA reads the first row only when he moves the mouse to it, though he has set NVDA to read paragraphs.
Regarding the lag, this happens mainly when the laptop's battery isn't charging. For example, if I press a key command, it is read with a delay. This applies to any synthesizer he uses.


La 24.01.2018 14:10, Quentin Christensen a scris:

Hi Florian,


If you could get extra info that would be fantastic please.  What would really help is:

- Does this happen in a particular program (which one?) or is it constant regardless of what is running?

- What Windows version, NVDA version and version of affected program (if relevant) is he using?

- Lags / slow, I can understand.  Can he give more clarification on "the tracking function is buggy"?  If it's just that it's slow, but it's reading all the right things, that's good to know, but if it's reading the wrong things or not reading information it should, that would be really helpful, particularly with example websites / programs / steps to reproduce.

- Anything else that can help us reproduce exactly what he is experiencing.


If it is really slow, a log file may help.


Kind regards




On Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 10:16 PM, Florian Ionașcu <florianionascu@...> wrote:

Hello. A member of the NVDA Romanian Community says that the mouse
tracking function is buggy, that it lags and he can't do his work at his
university. He is even willing to donate to help you speed up / solve
this bug. Please tell me any other info I should ask him. I don't use
the mouse so I can't give you more info.



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