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Sarah k Alawami

Yeah thought so. I wonder what we can tell web developers though as I can't code check boxes to save my life. I have a CMS do all the work for me. I know the simple stuff but yeah not the more complex forms etc.

Any fix we can give the devs or are we just stuck doing the work around for now

On Jan 24, 2018, at 12:43 PM, Gene <gsasner@...> wrote:

There is no NVDA setting.  
Also, since it happens on some check boxes and not on others, that's your answer.  If it were a setting, it would affect all check boxes.
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Hi all,

something I've noticed fairly recently is that on some websites when I activate a checkbox it has stopped saying “checkbox checked” as I pres space bar to check it. I have to arrow back to make sure that it did indeed check (or uncheck).

I notice this mostly in WordPress where I use the checkboxes to select posts or media files I want to edit. It's not a WordPress only effect, but I don't think all websites have started doing this.

I'm just wondering whether it's a change in certain websites including WordPress or whether there's an NVDA setting that I've accidentally turned off that let me hear "checkbox checked" at the time I press the space bar on a checkbox.

Thanks for any suggestions :)


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