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That may be hard to do.

My aunt worked for a clothing place that had its own software, they decided to get sap, because all major companies had it.

It was harder to use, and had a lot of issues due to the complexity of the program and so they went back but at cost.

They had spent lots on the program and well while they went back it was only because it didn't suit it still took a couple years before that happened.

Now jaws, its been round for a while and just like windows just about everyone is using it or has used it or will use it.

Even if jaws was the most crappy insecure virus prone and privacy killing software no one would bother giving it up.

They have spent to much cash.

Its why while I'd like to doodle with linux I would never give up windows.

Sure I have issues and think that parts of it could be better, but even if it were crap I would still use it, buy it, etc because everyone basically uses it.

Games and a lot of things I use are run on it, its like giving up my (incert accessibility aid) its not happening.

Jaws is lagging, but giving up, it will never happen all the agencies love jaws.

Jaws is the best everything else is total crap no one cares.

But what if they do, have you or I in fact do we as users realise how much inercia has built up with this thing.

Even if nvda could do everything jaws can and more even if we all switched, it wouldn't happen over night.

Now I have seen a few smaller outfits change but no big company or government is going to switch from vfo and their crazy schemes and they know this, people have spent to much to switch, they can't switch easily and so they won't unless for some reason jaws does something so bad it will have to be dumped.

There are still users trying to get windoweyes support.

THe funding in jobs here will include jaws and when I work I will be using ujaws for it probably.

Its the way it is.

On 25/01/2018 2:35 p.m., inamuddinInam Uddin via Groups.Io wrote:
Respected friends, as you are well aware that Mozilla has updated its browser FF58 on January 23rd 2018 as it promised!
I’m very much delighted to let you know that NVDA is well a head of all screen reader regarding the use of FF58.
The matter of fact is that I have JAWS 18.4530, JAWS 2018.1712.54, narrator and NVDA 2017.4.
I have tested FF58 with all of them and I found out that Fire Fox 58 is working the best with NVDA 2017.4.
I really couldn’t understand that even then Freedomscientific/VFO is charging hundreds and thousands of US Dollars from visually challenged people and from different agencies which are helping visually challenged people, why they haven’t come up with JAWS update before releasing of Fire Fox 58!
This fundamental question is enough to convince those people and agencies which are giving hundreds and thousands of Dollars to Freedomscientific/VFo, should donate a hand some amount of money to NVAccess as well so it can work for the betterment of visually challenged people better than before!
In short all I can say is “East and west, NVDA is the best”
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