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To be honest I think this is because, in my view Mozilla jumped the gun on releasing the new browser code. It was probably serendipity that during this time Jamie was getting a job with them and could help shall we say cross pollinate fixes for nvda. if the other screenreader makers were caught out as it seems then they have some catching up to do. I honestly do feel that somebody at Mozilla should fall on their sword for the messy way they introduced the new version. It should have been a completely different project with a new name and the esr should have been mentioned much sooner as the continuation of the old code. What has now happened is that corporate have started to use the new firefox, securing the thing to the enth degree, shutting out lots of blind people and increasingly finding even sighted people have problems with it and hence its doing Firefoxs reputation no good at all, which is sad, as one mistake does not really mean a bad product will be the result.
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Respected friends, as you are well aware that Mozilla has updated its browser FF58 on January 23rd 2018 as it promised!
I’m very much delighted to let you know that NVDA is well a head of all screen reader regarding the use of FF58.
The matter of fact is that I have JAWS 18.4530, JAWS 2018.1712.54, narrator and NVDA 2017.4.
I have tested FF58 with all of them and I found out that Fire Fox 58 is working the best with NVDA 2017.4.
I really couldn’t understand that even then Freedomscientific/VFO is charging hundreds and thousands of US Dollars from visually challenged people and from different agencies which are helping visually challenged people, why they haven’t come up with JAWS update before releasing of Fire Fox 58!
This fundamental question is enough to convince those people and agencies which are giving hundreds and thousands of Dollars to Freedomscientific/VFo, should donate a hand some amount of money to NVAccess as well so it can work for the betterment of visually challenged people better than before!
In short all I can say is “East and west, NVDA is the best”
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