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Robert Mendoza

Yes, not sure what exactly to forced them to push to Firefox 58, though I have a fear after reading the blog they are almost reaching the timeline of 59 however, still not sure why they allow this aggressive action despite of the hurdle of the impact of cause of this so-called Firefox 58. The way I understand it they could have at least sort of regression to consider to fix the issue. And, by all means not sure exactly the QA allow this drastic tights of targetting the baseline of the mentioned version 58.

Robert Mendoza

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Sometimes go to desktop and back fixes this sort of thing, sometimes it won't in my experience with it.
Not convinced yet on 58. I personally think they rushed out the new generation browser engine too soon and made people annoyed. I have a sighted friend who tells me it won't watch videos without weird colours and a kind of ghosting. I could not help as obviously I cannot see it but as 52 works for him problem solved for now.
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If I use google and go to a web page comes up that seems to have no way to access it.  If you try to tab or use any of the hot keys to move around the screen the only thing NVDA says is download firefox. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

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