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I looked through browser results, but found either templates, word processors, or typing tutors. If you are looking to improve your typing speed in English, you would want a typing tutor and there are many. Likewise, there are many word processors that offer templates for writing different types of documents.


If, however, you are looking for a software program that teaches the basic formats for different types of letters that you would write to other people, I think that has gone the way of the 1980’s. There are websites, seminars and classes, but not much in software packages. I only found one.

Merrit Software offers this one:

This is not an endorsement, just information on what I found.




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Hi all,


  Is there any software can be used to practice playing English letters

  It is better to use software than web pages

  Then nvda can be accessible

  Thanks for the offer




thank you for much

Logo Kuo from Taiwan


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