Welcome to NVDA 2018: NVDA tools and config profiles posted, complete packages for parts 4 and 5 are ready


Hi everyone,


The penultimate part in Welcome to NVDA 2018 tutorial set is now available. This part (part 8) talks about NVDA tools and configuration profiles. As always, the tutorial can be found at www.josephsl.net/tutorials under “Welcome to NVDA 2018” heading. Be sure to read release notes below for details.


Also, the complete packages for parts 4 (NVDA and the Web) and 5 (NVDA and Popular Applications) are now up. Due to length of these sections, they have been divided into multiple parts as follows:



Last minute change: in NVDA and the Web section, “finding text” segment is back, now covers case-sensitive search. Also, in live regions and others section, mentioned aria-current tag.


Changes for part 8 from 2015 edition:


  • Completely redone.
  • Expanded coverage of Python console.
  • New interface for speech viewer and ability to launch speech viewer when NVDA starts.
  • Added a segment on content recognition/Windows 10 OCR.
  • New examples for configuration profiles.


At the moment the tutorial set production is going through a home stretch (putting last minute effort while adjusting to new school schedule and moving to a new place). Thus, it is likely that the last part (add-ons) won’t show up until next week. But even with that done, the tutorial set won’t be complete: at least two addenda are planned, along with integrating Touch Interaction dialog into main tutorial set and editing some preferences segments. The entire series (lasting at least 12 hours) will be done shortly prior to NVDA 2018.1 hits the air. The final product will then consist of nine sections, two addenda (NVDA and Windows 10 on ARM, NVDA as a converted desktop app), and mostly based on NVDA 2018.1.




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