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Well if it is a job for disabled folk or to help them they might well consider not cutting it, it might cost them more in the long run to sort such issues out in an ad hoc manner later on, but since when has logic played any part in budgets?

Sarcasm intended.
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Last weekend, the U.S. government could not agree on a budget. As a result, it shut down for 3 days. Temporary funding is in place until February 8th, I think. But, budget cuts are taking place.

As a result, my position has be ended. I wanted to give you my sincerest thank you for all of your help. I was able to create important documents to help guide my department in making everything more accessible. That would not have been possible without your help. My termination is not a reflection of failure by me nor of animosity in the office. It is simple logic. "The last one hired is the first on fired."

I will not have the opportunity to see any responses, so don't worry about sending any.

I simply wanted to not leave without saying Thank You. So...

Thank You.

Tonea Morrow
Technical Writer

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