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The message specifically said that she wouldn't see any replies.

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Hi Tonea

Sorry to hear this news and hope you will soon find a new position. I appreciate your professionalism and willingness to listen and trust these attributes will stand you in good stead in your future career.

All the best


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Last weekend, the U.S. government could not agree on a budget. As a result, it shut down for 3 days. Temporary funding is in place until February 8th, I think. But, budget cuts are taking place.

As a result, my position has be ended. I wanted to give you my sincerest thank you for all of your help. I was able to create important documents to help guide my department in making everything more accessible. That would not have been possible without your help. My termination is not a reflection of failure by me nor of animosity in the office. It is simple logic. "The last one hired is the first on fired."

I will not have the opportunity to see any responses, so don't worry about sending any.

I simply wanted to not leave without saying Thank You. So.

Thank You.

Tonea Morrow

Technical Writer

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