Re: navigating between frames


Hello there,
There are other problems that save us time.

When we open a document with LibreOffice, NVDA's cursor does not focus on the context. NVDA's cursor is hanging in an uncertain location.
And I press the ALT key, then I press ESC.
That's how I solve the problem.

26/01/2018 16:07 tarihinde The Gamages yazdı:

I am experimenting with labels in Libre office writer, I have a sheet of labels on screen, NVDA announces these as frames, I can’t see the screen but I can use the physical mouse and NVDA announces the number of the frame, left clicking gets me into the frame and I can type into it and read it back.
The problem, is using keyboard shortcuts to go between these frrames, does anyone know of the shortcut to navigate between frames?
Any comments would be appreciated.
Best Regards, Jim.

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