Re: An easier command to copy current line?

Tyler Spivey

Try this:

If you don't like that one's interface, I have Virtual Copy which does
the same thing but with a command layer.

On 1/26/2018 8:10 AM, Gerardo Corripio wrote:
For instance let's say I'm in Filesilla (the FTP client) from within the
Read-only field where the connection status and other info is coming out
onscreen, thus with NVDA+l I can read the current line as the
information is being displayed. What I?d like to do is to somehow copy
this info onto the clipboard kind of like what NVDA+t 3 times does to
copy to the clipboard.

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What exactly are you attempting to copy from?

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Subject: [nvda] An easier command to copy current line?

Don't you all think that there should be an easy command kind of like
NVDA+t three times, that would when doing, NVDA+l in Laptop layout,
for the current line's contents to be copied onto the Clipboard? for
instance a File name, an error command etc. Yes there's the Speech
History which I do have, but it doesn't always seem to work right, in
that it doesn't seem to capture the totaity of what NVDA has said: ON
some commands, for instance, instead of copying the whole command, it
only copies the last part of the message. Any ideas? thus my
requesting that some sort of easy copy current line command be

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