Re: How to copy without losing Text styles?


does using copy with nvda f9 and f10, preserve formatting and style?

On 1/26/18, Shasa <> wrote:
Unfortunately, what you say is not happening.
26/01/2018 21:13 tarihinde David Griffith yazdı:

I think these instructions will apply to all versions of Word though I
use word 2010.

1. Select and copy the text from the web page.
2. Now go to Word and where you want to paste in the text hit the
application key.
3. Cursor down to Paste options and then right arrow to the option
which includes something like retain source formatting and press

Hopefully that will give you a better result.

David Griffith

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Greetings from friends,

When we copy from files such as Microsoft Word Document, the text
remains the same.
But when I copy a contents from the web page, the heads and images in
the text and  format disappear.
I use the Shift + Down arrow keys to make a copy. I choose the text.
Then copy it with Ctrl + C.

What should I do to make a smooth copy?

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