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You will probably find that as the esr came out after yours even though it has an earlier number they have stopped it from updating to58. I had a similar issue from 54 to 57. Personally I'd try to go back to 52 and allow it to update the ESR to the latest fixes. I find this version works great and none of the drawbacks you get in the new Quantum interface system.
I'm sure they will fix it, but although 58 is actually working mostly, those who read hear will know the problems I still have with its design and usability. If none of this matters simply download the latest 58 version and see what you think. Apart from having to reinstall add ons if you go back nothing else gets lost.
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I just checked for a Firefox update and was told it wanted to upgrade from 54 to 56 but NOT to 58. Why is it doing that if 58 is now a stable release? I don't want to get the one that isn't working right with screen readers.



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