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If people want to use the accessible site, that's fine but they should not be shunted to it without trying to solve the original problem.  The access site has limitations the main site, you know, the site that's supposed to be for everyone?, doesn't have. 
Try the following things:
On the button, try both space bar and enter.  If neither works, turn off the virtual pc cursor or browse mode, depending on which screen-reader you are using and try space bar and enter again.  If that doesn't work, turn browse mode or the virtual pc cursor back on and try routing the moust to your current location, then left clicking.  If none of those things work, tell us what browser you are using. 

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I've always tried the access site and had good luck with it.

On 1/27/2018 9:15 AM, Sarah k Alawami wrote:
Try you will have better luck there.

hope that helps a bit.

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I was just on it a moment ago with firefox 52esr and found no problems adding an item to my basket after logging in. This is the uk site.

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Hi all.

Do Any of you kind people use the above? I can't even sign in. There is a sign in button but when I press Return the space bar as I usually would, nothing happends.

Any help appreciated.


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